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localbusipromo's Journal

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Local Business Promotion, LLC
Local Business Promotion, a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, is the only company on the planet that builds everything you need to grow your business, improve your visibility, attract qualified prospects and engage with them year round, without ever lifting a finger!

Richard Vanderhurst, the visionary behind The Local Business Promotion Digital Marketing System began development in 2010.

Our system includes a custom mobile app built on the nation’s leading mobile platforms, a website for your existing clients and new prospects to download your app and in-store mobile app displays for your office.

In addition, we build a professional business blog branded for your company, a custom video showcasing your business products and services, custom developed social media sites, your company featured in a variety of local business directories, a complementary e-book branded for your industry that clients download from your site and pay-per-click advertising.

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